Do You Know Why Loose-Leaf Tea Is More Preferred Than Teabags?

You can get tea in the market as leaf teas that may either be a “loose-leaf tea” or “whole-leaf tea”. Also, nowadays teas are available in the form of teabags. However, if you ask anyone then generally people will vote for a “Loose-leaf tea” rather than teabags.


Why loose leaf oolong tea is more preferred by people as compared to teabags? The following are a few points of buying loose tea leaves that you can get from Yoshantea over tea bags that you can find on the market.

  • Top quality

You will find the quality of any tea leaves when used as loose-leaf tea form offers much better quality and tea lovers get its full-bodied flavors and aromatic brews.

  • Offers many health benefits

As you know tea is known as an antioxidant and has several micronutrients. It can transfer various health benefits through the 3 most prominent bioactive compounds:

  • Caffeine
  • Catechins
  • L-theanine

Comparatively, loose tea leaves can infuse your tea with bioactive compounds more than chopped up tea presented in tea bags.

  • Enhances heart health

It can prevent cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and can lower our blood pressure levels.

  • More aromatic and flavorsome

As loose-leaf tea will comprise whole leaves, hence can retain its flavors and potential benefits. After brewing, loose tea will expand and release more flavor and other goodness than teabags. As teabag material will restrict its flow and expansion.

  • Stays fresh longer

Loose leaf tea will have a much longer life and can retain freshness. While tea bags will lose their freshness quite soon because usually, they contain more dust and other fannings of tea, thus its taste gets stale.

Moreover, most tea bags are produced in bulk that often remains on shelves for years while loose leaf tea is a fast-moving item.

  • Can be re-steeped

From a loose-leaf tea, again you can reuse it for making another fresh cup of tea while teabags are for single use only.

  • Low on bitterness

Usually, teabags release more tannins, as a result, you get more bitter brews for prolonged steeping. Loose leaf tea, on the other hand, can be adjusted by changing the quantity for obtaining your preferred strength and flavor.

  • Traditional appeal

Culturally, people prefer to drink their cup of tea brewed from any fine loose-leaf tea rather than tea bags. Those who are regular tea drinkers are not going to change their habits.

  • Flexibility

If you like you can always mix and match with any other loose-leaf tea variety to customize your own blends.

  • Freedom of flavors

Generally, tea bags will restrict their tea leaves to offer their full flavors and other potent benefits because of the hindrance of the materials of teabags. Usually, the material within tea bags has a low flow that does not allow the flavors and goodness of your tea.

Due to all these reasons, loose leaf tearemain tea drinkers’ choice over tea bags.

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