Questions to Ask When Meeting A Medical Malpractice Attorney for An Initial Consultation

We have a high level of trust in health care professionals. More than 74% of Americans have a positive view of doctors. We believe they will make sure they help us in the best possible way, but there are chances of them unintentionally causing you injury. The Journal of the American Medical Association states that medical negligence is the third leading cause of death.

Most often doctors provide us the best, but there are times when they fail you and provide substandard service or were careless. If you or your loved one were injured during a doctor’s care, the doctor is liable for the resulting losses. You can seek the help of an attorney to discuss your options. The following are some of the instances which involve medical negligence:

  • Been injured during surgery
  • Wrong application of anesthesia
  • Unnecessary surgery
  • The doctor provided you an incorrect prescription
  • You weren’t informed about the possible risks involved
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Medical equipment failure

Seek attorney help if you are victim of medical negligence:

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Questions to ask during initial consultation:

  • Do I have a valid case? If you want to file a case, you have to make sure that you have a valid case to argue. You have to prove that the malpractice caused further damage to your health. Explain your situation and ask your attorney if you can file a lawsuit and talk about other options.
  • Do you have experience handling similar cases? Every malpractice claim is different and the attorney has to apply different strategies depending on the specific case. Instead of finding someone who promises you of a positive outcome, choose an attorney who lists out all possible ways to build your claim.
  • How do you usually handle similar cases? Ask if the attorney you are meeting would be the one handling every detail of your case or if others from the firm would be involved. Who would update you about the proceedings? – The attorney or a paralegal.
  • What is your fee structure: It is good to be upfront about the cost so that you’ll know what to expect? Avoid choosing attorneys who offer services at a low flat rate. Opt for ones who follow contingency fee structure. That way you’ll only be required to pay when you win the case.
  • How will you gather required evidence to prove the case? Someone with access to a vast network of resources like economists, medical experts and vocational experts would be beneficial for your case.

The attorney’s answers to these questions would help you determine if you have found the right one. Find an experienced and empathetic lawyer so that they’ll have your best interest at heart and strive to win maximum possible compensation.

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