Know the Reasons behind Bad Posture

Many people do not maintain the right posture while sitting, standing, walking, running or even sleeping. This is mainly because they are not aware that their posture is not right. They need to be enlightened about the ways to maintain proper posture and its benefits.

What is a good posture and why it needs to be given importance?

The spine needs to be in straight line with your back from your head to foot. The posture should be maintained while on move and when you sit or rest. Your posture relates to safeguard your back health, however unfortunately there are few causes for poor posture. These reasons often play a role in inducing back pain, neck pain, immobility and other grave issues related to spine vertebrae.

Poor posture leads to non-alignment of spine position resulting in back problems that may even force a person to take bed rest for a long time.

Here are the reasons for a person’s bad posture:

  • Injuries to back of the body – This causes muscles to overprotect the area thus they turn rigid. The movement of muscles gets restricted and while you try to stretch the area of injury, you feel the pain. Moreover, imbalance is created between the working of stiff muscles with rest of the surrounding muscles. Thus, your normal back posture changes to different posture that isn’t right. To evade the issue, you can get regular massage for your back muscles.
  • Weakness and tension of muscles – Often this is the main reason why a person changes his/her posture while doing daily activities. This happens due to decrease in flexibility of the muscles because of sickness or old age.
  • Your life style also leads to a bad posture – When your musculoskeletal system gets affected, it can change the alignment of your spine. Today, people do most of their job sitting on their desk for long hours. Sometimes they multitask like holding their phone in the neck region while their hands are engaged completing other tasks. Women do like to wear pencil heels all the time, as it makes them look stylish. However, their back is stressed due to this leading to poor posture.
  • Obesity and no exercise – Many people feel daily exercise is a waste of time as they have better productive things to do every day. However, expert physiotherapists feel daily exercise of neck and shoulders do help in avoiding back health issues. You need to remember that many people prefer to change their normal posture to avoid back pain, thus unknowingly follow wrong posture leading to health issues. Moreover, today people give less importance to restful sleep, thus the body gets deprived of rest resulting in rigid muscles that affects your posture. Obesity is another reason that makes muscles not to move freely leading to change in posture.

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