How Can Drugs Cause Damage to Your Brain

Consumption of drugs can make you an addict and adversely harm several vital organs of your body. The brain is one of them. It is considered to be one of the most complicated organs in the body of a person. Drug addiction can take away the ability of the brain to perform the functions that are essential for survival.

Let us learn more about how drugs impair your brain.

How Drugs impact the Brain?

Misuse or persistent use of drugs profoundly impacts how your brain works. Once the drugs get injected, it enters the brain and modifies the chemistry of the brain. This results in reducing the speed of the central nervous system. The Recover is a leading drug rehab directory across the US. The center provides treatment options to cure drug addiction and abuse.

As the central nervous system includes the spinal cord, as well as the brain, it monitors several vital functions that include heart rate, respiration, body temperature, blood pressure, and sensory information. This situation can pose life-threatening circumstances for a person.

What neurotransmitters are impacted by drug abuse?

Each drug affects the brain differently. The long-term abuse of drugs increasingly causes damage to this vital organ in the body. Following neurotransmitters that are impacted by abuse of drugs are:

  • Dopamine: Regulates mood, improves pleasure, and assist in enhancing motivation, and attention.
  • Serotonin: Stabilizes mood as well as regulate emotions.
  • Gamma-aminobutyric acid: Reduces anxiety and impairs the functionality of the nervous system.
  • Norepinephrine: Boosts focus and make a person energized. it increases the speed at which the central nervous system functions in the body.

Effects of Heroin, and Opioids on The Brain

Opioid and heroin are considered to be highly addictive drugs. Opioids function on the central nervous system and slow down the speed at which brain functions.

This drug aims at blocking painful sensations and calms the body. It does this by bringing down heart rate and breathing to dangerously low levels. Both these drugs stimulate the “reward center” present in the brain by increasing the flow of feel-good chemical “dopamine” in the body.

Impact of Stimulant Drugs on your Brain

Stimulant drugs are categorized as cocaine, methamphetamine, and other prescription amphetamines, which include Ritalin, and Adderall. These drugs stimulate your nervous system and impact the brain. It enhances the action of brain chemicals like norepinephrine and dopamine.

Due to the increase in dopamine, it leads to a surge of pleasure hormone and causes an increased heart rate, elevated breathing rate, reduction in blood circulation, and enhanced blood sugar levels.


Drugs can modify the chemical levels in the brain and cause severe damage to your brain. A person can become unable to perform vital life-sustaining functions in the body. Sustained misuse of drugs for a longer-term makes the brain dependent on substances to function. In this way, the person continues with addiction. Learning about the signs of addiction and taking stringent measures will help you come out of the clutches of addiction.

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