Do We Really Need Masks Against COVID-19?

In the beginning of 2020, people of China discovered a new virus which was spreading in the city of Wuhan that affected a large number of people within a few days and led to a number of deaths.

Slowly, this virus crossed the boundary of China and people from many parts of the world being affected due to it. By now, it has become a serious pandemic and large number of people are being daily affected.

Even in the USA it has taken a very serious shape and many people are losing their life daily. The number of death figure is regularly changing and people are totally clueless about how to find necessary remedy for this deadly virus.

Though sizeable number of people have recovered from this disease but the spread of this virus is so rapid that it has created a panic among people around the world and forced people to remain locked within their home because it can spread from human to human.

People are also using FDA approved masks to protect themselves but the question is whether these masks are really needed?

According to World Health Organization directive, unless a person is affected by COVID-19, it is really not needed for any healthy person to wear. However, if any affected person is in the vicinity then it will provide you some kind of protection.

This virus is more serious for elderly people who are suffering from certain health issues and if such people gets affected then it can easily take a serious turn.

Doctors and other healthcare professionals who are working in various hospitals where such patients of COVID-19 are present should compulsorily wear these masks. However, these people need to wear mask which is more professional grade called N95 mask.

N95 masks are also called respirator mask, which can properly fit on the face of the wearer and can easily filter out 95 per cent of the particles which can be of size 0.3 microns.

The size of corona virus is usually considered to be larger than this and hence theoretically by wearing a N95 mask, one can go near the patients suffering from COVID-19.

One should also note that thee N95 masks may not work well for young children or those having facial hair. Also, people who have certain issues with their lungs may find it very inconvenient to wear such masks, as it will be very difficult for them to breathe properly.

As far as other masks that is available in the name of surgical masks are usually quite loose and may not properly prevent the virus.

Really speaking no masks can be considered as 100 per cent effective in preventing the virus to enter in your system. Only certain masks can be better than others.

Also, some of the masks available in the market are not only ineffective at all but also can cause respiratory infections.

So, you need not bother too much about using masks unless you are a doctor who is treating patients of COVID-19. It is rather necessary to wash your hand regularly with soap in order to keep them clean.

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